Boulder Police investigated suspicious packages taped to sorority and fraternity houses at CU Boulder early Monday morning. According to CBS Denver, the envelopes contained CDs with audio from the television show Criminal Minds.

The six envelopes, which were taped to the front doors of the houses located at the University of Colorado at approximately 1:30 a.m., turned out to be part of a scavenger hunt. The houses that received the packages containing CDs with the audio from Criminal Minds were Chi Omega, Alpha Phi, Pi Phi, Kappa Alpha Theta, Alpha Sigma and Kappa Sigma.

The investigation of the packages by Boulder Police states that the audio used from the Criminal Minds television show was a clip about burning down a house. Since the packages have been revealed to be a part of a scavenger hunt, there is no reason to believe that there is any criminal activity to be suspected.

Denver Post reports that law enforcement have captured footage of suspects in the incident.

CU Boulder did evacuate some residence halls but said it was unrelated to the incident but rather because of frozen sprinkler pipes that burst.

Currently, there are 28 sororities and fraternities that are officially recognized by the University of Colorado Boulder.

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Source: CBS Denver

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