These loyal companions have been everything to us.

2020 has been heavy, to say the least. Sometimes it feels like we have the weight of the world on our shoulders and in some ways I guess we do. It's been tough. I'll admit that I've shed a few tears onto my dog Oliver. This little guy has been through so much with me before this pandemic even hit so I know he's up to the challenge of 2020 and he's crushing it. I don't think my husband and I would be doing too well without our little nugget of joy.

Many other pet owners seem to agree.

A recent survey conducted on behalf of Zoetis Petcare has found that 72 percent of pet owners believe they would not be getting through this mess without their pet(s). The survey was done with dog and cat owners specifically, but I'm sure fish, birds, reptiles and livestock have also been a source of joy for so many people across the globe. Animals don't understand what it means to be in a pandemic. All they know if that they love you unconditionally.

That same survey revealed that 80 percent of pet owners have grown closer with their pets during their time at home. It doesn't come without some worries though. Two out of three owners are worried what will happen when life gets back to normal. Many pets have gotten used to having their humans home and it could be a little bit of a learning curve when we start going out more.

Of course, even that may change as 56 percent of pet owners have vowed to not go out as much in the future so they can be home with their furry friends.

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