Moby Arena was buzzing with energy Sunday evening, as thousands made their way to CSU's campus to rally in support of Sen. Bernie Sanders. Just three days before Colorado caucuses, the 74-year-old democratic candidate has been campaigning like crazy, making a last minute stop in Fort Collins with the hopes of getting more people to start feeling the Bern.

Although his speech didn't begin until 7 p.m., the line began forming more than five hours ahead of time – wrapping around the intramural fields and spanning over a mile long, as an excited group of supporters eagerly waiting for the doors to open. Sanders is a favorite among millennials and college students, but even so, the crowd in attendance included people of all ages, races, genders, and social classes; some even driving in from cities as far away as the Springs, to join in on the rally. Getting the opportunity to speak in front of such a diverse audience was important for Sanders, especially if he plans on beating out Hillz for the Democratic nominee in Colorado, come Tuesday.

A sea of sign-holding Sanders' supporters loudly chanted, clapped and cheered back, as the candidate enthusiastically touched upon topics such as student loans, minimum wage, energy efficiency, and equal rights for all people that live in America. His plan for tuition-free public colleges and making healthcare a right, not a privilege, were also discussed during the evening. Being in Colorado, Sanders took the chance to jokingly reference the high-quality of our homegrown herb –  but did not directly speak on his views supporting legalization or the decriminalization of recreational marijuana.

Boos boomed out as Bernie brought up Trump's opposing campaign views, one sign even reading, "Trump's A Chump: Bernie 2016!" Disagreeing with everything that the incessantly boastful billionaire stands for, Sanders ended his rally by putting it simply, "Love trumps hatred."

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