By now, unless you've been on a social media cleanse for the past few weeks and if you have...GOOD FOR YOU. I'm sure you've seen the picture of Bernie Sanders bundled up and all hunkered down at the presidential inauguration. It's literally popped up everywhere and some of the places that people are photoshopping Bernie into are downright hilarious.

However, this is taking things to a whole new level. according to the Denver Channel Sam Kuhn, a tattoo artist at Copperhead Tattoo Parlor in Denver was asked by a gentleman who works next door to her shop for a printout of the meme and then asked her to tattoo the meme on to his body. So...Sam did.

James McFaul took a break from smoking barbeque at his restaurant next door to get the Bernie meme tattooed on his arm.

Looks like it turned out really well too, Sam was so proud of her work (as she should be) she posted this on her Instagram which has received a LOT of love from her followers.

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