We despise them and I'm still not sure why Noah was asked to collect "two of everything." Pretty sure we'd all have been fine without the pesky Mosquito but then the fish and snakes would be upset I guess.

Like it wasn't bad enough to have a new type of mosquito but it looks like this one comes with it's very own virus/disease.

How nice!

Although Federal health officials are on record by saying the only "local" case in the U.S. was in Puerto Rico, but, there have been at least 27 confirmed travel-related cases in Florida and seven other states.

This new virus is called "Chikungunya," and has spread quickly throughout the Caribbean since December and now the "skeeters" have been spotted in neighboring Topeka, Kansas.

Those who develop symptoms after traveling to the Caribbean or other areas where chikungunya is found, such as Africa, Southeast Asia and southern Europe, should contact a physician. There are no antiviral medicines to treat chikungunya, so physicians typically recommend rest, increased fluid intake and medications to relieve pain and fever - Kansas state epidemiologist Charles Hunt

The Pan American Health Organization reports 166,000 suspected and 4,600 confirmed cases of chikungunya in the Caribbean as of mid-June.

The disease isn't normally fatal said health official and symptoms can include muscle/joint pain, rashes, fever, and headaches.

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