The four celebrity judges for ABC’s upcoming show ‘Duets‘ — Sugarland‘s Jennifer Nettles, Kelly Clarkson, Lionel Richie and Robin Thicke — have all been scouring the country for dueting partners that they think can stand the heat of the spotlight. And while Kelly Clarkson recently pulled a couple of her top picks on stage with her at a San Diego show, we got a glimpse of a couple videos shot at Nettles’ auditions in Las Vegas.

In both clips, the male dueting hopeful (don’t worry ladies — she’s not just looking for males) has to take on the song ‘If You Don’t Know Me by Now.’  In one of the videos, auditioner Brandon tackles the duet with Nettles, almost getting washed out by the female’s strong harmonies, despite his great voice. In the second clip, potential duet partner James really nails the part with a surprising sound.

Perhaps ABC’s answer to ‘The Voice,’ which was arguably NBC’s answer to ‘American Idol,’ ‘Duets’ takes the mentor approach to the singing reality show. Rather than hosting on-screen auditions, however, ‘Duets’ allows the celebrity singing partners to make their selections before the show premieres on Thursday, May 24. Then, each artist gets to bring one partner on stage with them each week to see how they fare and if they win the hearts of America.

Posting about the show on her blog earlier this year, Nettles said, ”I am most excited by the opportunity to perform WITH the contestants. And, selfishly, while I know the premise is for the contestants to have the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge by performing with the artists, I know that there will be so much for me to learn from my fellow artists on the show as well (and probably from the contestants too).”

We’re excited to see who she picks — and if either of her partners from these clips makes the cut!

Watch Jennifer Nettles Singing with Brandon in Las Vegas

Watch Jennifer Nettles Singing with James in Las Vegas

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