Mitchell Tenpenny and up-and-coming Australian duo Seaforth's new collaboration, "Anything She Says," is a bubbly ode to being in love. The song is a duet, but the three artists didn't necessarily set out to collaborate.

However, even before they were friends with Tenpenny, Seaforth's Mitch Thompson and Tom Jordan were fans of the "Drunk Me" singer. As they started getting to know each other, they slowly got the idea to work together on a track. Read on to learn more about the story behind "Anything She Says," as told by Seaforth.

Well, Mitchell Tenpenny's labelmates with us -- he's signed to Sony as well -- and we've always been big fans of him. We became pals, just through being in the same area. And we just had a writing session with him one day.

We were both kind of intending to write a song for the other person, I feel like. And then it ended up becoming a collaboration, which, we were stoked that we get to feature on it. And we're on the Anything She Says Tour with him right now, which has been incredible. And it's going to country radio!

So we're absolutely over the moon. I love that we all wrote it together, and it was so collaborative, and now it's taken on this whole new life. It's very exciting.

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