A Greeley man has been arrested after he allegedly attacked a coworker who was sitting on a toilet at work.

Logan Nash Baker was arrested on October 16 on suspicion of second-degree assault. Police say they responded to a call at Freedom Drilling Services concerning an assault. Carol Styles, who was leading a safety meeting at the time, told police that she learned of a fight in the bathroom between Baker and another employee.

Styles informed police that she had asked Baker to clean up the mess and then had him removed from the property. Police later caught up with the victim at North Colorado Medical Center, where he was being treated for a broken nose and a swollen eye and cheek bone.

The victim told police that he and Baker were arguing when disagreement escalated to a point where Baker was telling him to come outside to fight. The victim went into the bathroom, where Baker followed him and kicked the stall door open, hitting him in the face.

Police tried to contact Baker to get his side of the story, but they couldn't find him. On October 16, officers located him at the Weld County Jail. He had been booked into the Weld County Jail 8 days prior on suspicion of child sexual assault.

He remains in jail awaiting hearings on both cases.


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