I wrote a story Monday about the Sleigh Riders event this past Saturday after the crew planted 1900 trees in the tune of about 4 hours. One of the families sent us a video today that they had put together and I wanted to share their perspective.

Many of you remember there was a death in the High Park Fire but many probably don't know it was a Steadman matriarch who was killed. Not only did they lose thousands of tree's over 450 acres, but also the life of a family member. One can be replaced; one can not.

It was an honor to have been a part of this past weekend and we know the Colard and Steadman families were just as grateful for this community event.  Here is the video sent to the Sleigh Riders today from Hanna Steadman and I wanted to make sure everyone who wanted had a a chance to see it.  Thank you Hanna for your work on this.

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