Not what you want to hear before the holiday season.

The busiest, most hectic, chaotic, and truly most wonderful time of the year is about to be here. The holiday season is rapidly approaching and if you blink you might miss it. In addition to travel, food, family, and presents, we see a lot of deliveries be made. From presents we've ordered online to those we have sent off to others, there are a lot of moving parts.

So hearing that the oldest delivery system in the nation is getting slower isn't really Christmas music to our ears.

But alas, here we are. And like most things in life, it's about money Like any business, the United State Postal Service wants to cut costs and bring in more revenue.

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy announced a 10-year reorganization plan earlier this year. Included in the plan is a reduction in post office hours at a some post offices across the country.

A reduction in hours could mean a delay in deliveries.

Executive Vice President of the Post Service, Kristen Seaver, says most of first-class mail (70 percent) will be delivered in two or three days. However, it could take other mail, most likely things going coast to coast, five days to arrive.

On top of that, prices will increase for us.

It's widely considered a temporary increase that will only last from October 3 through December 26. Delivery costs will increase on all "commercial and retail domestic packages."

So... 'tis the season for delays and added expenses.

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