Now might be a good time to stock up and buy yourself some forever stamps. Starting this Sunday there will be another price increase on stamps from the United States Postal Service. First-class stamps will be going up to 49-cents.

From USPS:

New Prices for January 26, 2014

First-Class Mail® Forever® Stamps will be $0.49, and the First-Class Mail International® Global Forever stamps will be $1.15.

This is a relatively hefty price jump, the current price of a forever stamp is 46-cents so this increase is 3-cents per letter, or about a 6.5% increase. That doesn't seem like much, but if you mail a lot of letters that could add up quickly.

Sending a letter that costs a penny-shy of 50-cents might also make an email look a little more appealing to those of us who thrive on frugality. However, a book of stamps will start costing you $9.80 instead of $9.20. I don't think that's going to break the bank for anyone.

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