There are a lot of special anniversary goods and services in honor of 125th Daddy Of Em' All if you look hard enough. It's a big year and everyone is excited for the return of Cheyenne Frontier Days. There are also, tons of ways to celebrate this special anniversary. In a social media post from Bison Beverage (formerly Cheyenne Beverage) they pointed out the special 125th Anniversary Lager is flowing on taps all across Frontier Park.

Well, color me intrigued! According to the post, Blue Moon is responsible for this special 125th Anniversary brew. Which is cool, Blue Moon makes some pretty tasty brews and, hey, they're coming out of the Coors plant down south of us, so it's no carpet bagger beer for us.

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Unfortunately for myself, I haven't made my way out to Frontier Park yet, so I've not gotten to try this special brew. I'll be out there this afternoon, searching for it, somewhat like Indiana Jones looking for the Holy Grail. Sure, it'll be a little hot for a leather jacket and a full khaki ensemble, but, at least there's the sweet hat to keep the sun off me while I enjoy the new beer and some rodeo action.

All joking aside, it's pretty awesome that they came up with the idea to do this. It just adds an extra flavor to the whole rodeo festival. And, it adds an extra quest for those of us wanting to experience the new brew. See you in the beer line.


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