Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.

Can we state the obvious here? Moving is not fun. From packing everything up to lifting all of those heavy boxes and pretty furniture. It's physically demanding. And then you have to forward your address and contact countless companies to let them know that you've moved. That's mentally exhausting.

And don't forget about the emotional toll.

Leaving family and friends. Trying to make new friends and connections in you new home. It's not easy.

I've moved several times in my life. In fact, I've probably moved 10 times in the last 15 years. Of course, not all of those moves have been to new cities or states, but I have bounced around some living spaces in my day.

With that being said, I would not move again unless it was absolutely necessary.

Like moving, the pandemic took a major toll on all of us physically, mentally and emotionally. Many of us also took a hit financially and it's left us looking for our next... move. (Pun, not intended)

Did you know there are cities and states and countries our there that will pay you to move there?

I've seen a few of these ludicrous offers online, but recently found a decent list on BuzzFeed. On the list are 15 different places that are offering financial incentives for you to uproot your life and move there.

It sounds bananas, but then again none of us ever thought we'd live through a pandemic.

So, here are 15 places we could ditch Fort Collins for and put some money in our pocket.

These Places Will Pay You to Move There

But then again, maybe we don't want to move.

We've all heard the phrase, "You couldn't pay me to _______." Despite these places offering some cash, incentives and in some cases land, I can't see us uprooting our lives for those things. Especially if you are born and raised right here.

Of course, there are those out there who like to live on the edge. They are always up for adventure. If that's you, I guess it's time to choose your own adventure.

Just make sure you take us with you.

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