There are few things that are better for you than laughing and there is nothing that can make you laugh like a child. My wife is out of town watching our other two grandchildren so I have been in charge of the boys when my daughter is working. I pick them up from school and we play all day until their mother gets home later in the evening. These two boys are a blast and even if you think you aren't in the mood to play...they find a way to make you.

Yesterday I was sitting upstairs doing some work when Zander and Zayden appeared in the living room and just stood there looking at me but being careful not to bother me while I was working. I finally looked up and said "did you boys need something?" Zander said they were just wondering if I "wanted to fight for awhile." I said I was busy but I would holler if I had some time.

After they went back downstairs I thought to myself..."what is wrong with you? play with those boys. There is nothing that I am doing that would be a better use of my time than to fight those boys". I called them up and said I had talk to them about something. They came upstairs and the fight was on. I grabbed them and we fought and wrestled for about half an hour. I haven't had so much fun and laughed so hard for ages. What a gift children are. Do not ever pass up the chance to have a child sit on your lap and listen to you read them a book or pick them up and playfully body slam them on the living room floor. Children are medicine. Make sure you get your daily dose.

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