Basketball is for tall kids, you're not big enough, you're WAY too small to play basketball especially at a D-1 school, why don't you try another sport?

I don't know for SURE... because I've never actually talked to her but I'm pretty sure that McKenna Hofschild has heard all of these and more throughout her life and quest to play basketball at the collegiate level which started at Seton Hall University but thankfully, has brought her here to Northern Colorado.

According to the Coloradoan, she was a finalist for Minnesota's Miss Basketball as a senior and has made an immediate impact on the CSU program after transferring from Seton Hall.

Thankfully, she hasn't listened to any of the critics or naysayers and has managed to make quite the big name for herself and her 5'2 frame.

Yes...I said 5 foot 2...but even though it's pretty cliché to say this but it's so true...she plays much bigger than that and more importantly, she plays with so much passion and heart. Her leadership abilities are evident both on and off the court and oh yeah...she's REALLY good at basketball.

She's often the best player on the court and as the point guard she is leading the team on quite a run with a 10-2 record and dishing out assists while setting up her teammates for success. The sophomore is quick, smart and tough , three qualities that go a long way on the basketball court...and OFF of it for that matter no matter how tall or short you are.

Rothschild currently leads the Mountain West and is ninth in the nation in assists per game with 6.3 and her 13.8 points a game is tied with teammate Tori Williams for second on the team behind team leader Lore Devos.

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