'Tis the season for meals that cook all day long filling your home with delicious aromas.

I was gifted a slow cooker after a roommate of mine was getting married and received two off of her registry. Boy, you would have thought I had just been proposed to with that gift. I was elated to receive what I believe is one of the best kitchen gadgets to have in your home. Ever since I was a kid, I loved smelling that meal cooking away all day long.

It made eating feel like an all-day event.

So, in my quest to find new slow cooker recipes, I stumbled across "The Best Slow Cooker Recipes from Every State" on Taste of Home. Jackpot! Not only could I find new recipes to test out, but I could eat my way through the nation. Basically, Taste of Home received a bunch of slow cooker recipes from cooks all over and determined which ones were the best in each state.

They chose a recipe for Barbacoa for Colorado.

This recipe was submitted by Aundrea McCormick of Denver, Colorado. With adobo sauce, lime juice, cider vinegar and ground cloves, this dish certainly packs some flavor. And, of course, that fork-tender beef chuck roast sounds heavenly.

Will you try this recipe at home?

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