I have always said that married people should always date, even after the vows. No excuses, the number one reason couples divorce is because of communication or lack there of. So married or not its important to date, do you do keep any of the old fashioned dating habits?

Dating Habits TSM
Dating Habits TSM


  • Walking up to the door and ringing the doorbell instead of waiting at the curb or meeting up somewhere
  • Dresses up for your date
  • Bringing her flowers
  • Going dancing, not grinding, actually dancing
  • Rather always saying you're hanging out with someone, call it what it is, you're dating
  • Being clear about what you want, communicate
  • Do something like write a poem, it doesn't have to be original, Google it and find one that fits
  • Have dinner or coffee without touching your phone, even if its to look up a movie or to find the name of that actor you were talking about
  • Ask if you can kiss her/him, its sexy and cute sometimes, old fashioned and cool (sounds like communicating, just a little)
  • Know when sex is okay, talk about it, know how each other feels. If dating this is really important and if married almost equally so, being married doesn't automatically guarantee sex because one of you are in the mood and its not an area that warrants an argument because one doesn't want it. Talking about this will give you a better grasp and help you both stay on the same page without assuming or hurting each others feelings

Relationships are hard enough without adding a little flare and non-traditional romance. Remember you are married to your best friend or dating someone that will become the magic in your life under the right circumstances. But these things don't happen automatically. A flower needs sunlight, water and nutrients to grow... you personally need these things, why would anyone ever think that their love, their relationship is like a cactus in the middle of the desert and can self sustain? Yet, most of us are guilty of just that. Communicate, don't let a bad work day interrupt your love and please don't take each other for granted. Sometimes you will have to compromise and do things that aren't comfortable, or stay silent when you don't like dinner. We're here for each other, we are suppose to find solace, peace and warmth in each other not sadness, fear or isolated.


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