The shelves at Bella's Market in Wellington are empty - forcing residents to spend money outside of city limits.

"Pretty much all the deli meat is gone," Melissa Ruppelt told 7NEWS. She was told it has been almost a month since a truck delivery. "The guy at the counter, he's like, 'None of the employees can do anything about it. It's all the owner.'"

This isn't the first time Wellington has had issues with Bella's Market owner, Sam Mancini.

Last summer, 7NEWS investigated Mancini following a 2012 bankruptcy and various legal battles. Soon afterward, he sold 6 of his 8 Bella's Market locations - not including the one in Wellington.

Wellington mayor Jack Brinkhoff says he gets asked about the Bella's Market issue every day. And in a town of 7,500, which continues to grow by at least 500 each year, there is nothing that can be done to make Mancini stock the shelves.

"If somebody would come in there and run a market right, this town would support it, I know they would," says Brinkhoff. "I understand their frustration."

Mancini was sent 2 emails from 7NEWS with questions on the issue, to which he responded, "I understand your intentions and they are shameful."

Have you experienced these issues with Bella's Market in Wellington? Which grocery store(s) would you like to see come to Wellington? 

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