There are many recalls throughout each month in Colorado. A product recall can include improper labeling, a product defect, or a trip to the car dealership for an update.

Product recalls can also include major contaminations such as E. coli and salmonella.

There is a major salmonella outbreak, which includes Colorado, that has nothing to do with a common product sold at grocery stores.

Salmonella Outbreak in Colorado


The CDC is warning Coloradans about a salmonella outbreak in backyard poultry. That includes chickens, ducks,  turkeys, and geese.

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The salmonella outbreak is directly linked to backyard poultry.

There have been 109 illnesses, 33 hospitalizations, and thankfully no deaths. There have been salmonella reports in 29 states. Of the 109 reported illnesses three have been linked to Colorado.

These are just the reported cases. We are sure that more people have felt sick.

Poultry in Colorado: How to Stay Safe

My neighbor has a few chickens and ducks and I asked him if he was concerned about the salmonella outbreak. He told me that he was not too concerned because he is relatively safe when it comes to handling his eggs.

I asked him more about it and he told me that he always ensures to clean his eggs and wash his hands afterwards. It seems like he is doing the right thing according to the CDC.

Here is their official advice for Colorado residents.

  • Wash your hands.
  • Be mindful of your poultry. Do not touch them or eat and drink around them.
  • Don't let children touch your poultry.
  • Clean and collect eggs often, as well as ensure proper cooking.

You can learn more about this outbreak here.

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