One of the best things about being a kid is the ease and comfort in finding the little things in life that bring so much joy, like bubbles.

This is something that as an adult we all should do a little more often and now is our chance to make good on that.

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Kids of all ages from 5-85 can enjoy Denver's Bubble Run which is now scheduled to take place on May 13 2023 at the Adams County Fairgrounds down in Brighton.

The Bubble Run is exactly what it sounds like, a 5k run that includes running through a massive amount of bubbles and all family members are invited to join this fun run.

In case you're wondering, a 5k run is about 3.1 miles and this is not something that is a competitive race. You can run as fast or as slow, as you'd like, you can even walk it.

This is simply about having fun and enjoying some bubbles and who doesn't need a little bubble fun in their life?

This just looks like an incredibly awesome time:


Yes I know that we're still 6-7 months away from this but it's a great time to check into it and get registered for this event that not only is fun but for a tremendous cause.

A portion of the proceeds from the run will go to research, funding and treatment to families fighting childhood cancer and terminal illness.


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