Rockies relief pitcher Daniel Bard hadn't thrown a pitch in the majors for nearly 8 years and this year, a year that was switched up, turned upside down and inside out in every way shape and form, he managed to make a comeback that is storybook to say the least. The Comeback Player of the Year Award is extra meaningful because it is voted on my players and to be recognized by his peers was something that Daniel was thrilled about.

Being away from anything for 7+ years is a long time but to be away from pitching in the majors for that long is practically a lifetime. Bard, who is 35 was a high draft pick in 2006 with the Boston Red Sox and was with the organization when they met the Rockies in the 2007 World Series. He had a nice start with the Sox until control issues and injuries caught up to him and he briefly retired in 2017.

After realizing he REALLY missed baseball, he decided to take a minor league contract and he eventually worked his way back to the "BIGS" this year and what a year it was for him. Bard posted a 3.65 ERA over 23 games and was 6 for 6 in save opportunities.

It was a crazy year for many, but for Daniel Bard, it was a year of redemption, reflection and appreciation. I think we can all learn a lesson from Daniel...never stop pushing and always believe in yourself. It certainly worked for him...congratulations Daniel.

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