Stikman Figure on Walnut Street, just east of College Avenue in Fort Collins
Jenny Harding, For TSM

If you are walking in a crosswalk in Fort Collins look down. You may see one of the white or yellow stikman figures. Some have even been blue or green. Yes, there is no "C" in stikman. That's because it was allegedly named by a guy who calls himself Bob, who supposedly created the robot-looking character seven or eight years ago in Washington D.C. Now they are appearing in cities across America.

I found two of them in Fort Collins. The yellow one is in a crosswalk on Remington Street at Piktken Street. The white one is in front of the Silver Grill Cafe on Walnut Street, just east of College Avenue. There may be more.

According to a 2008 Washington Post article, the D.C. area has had as many as 150 stikmen on the streets at one time. They have also turned up in Boston, San Francisco, Ann Arbor, Mich., and even Wheeling, W.Va. Since then, I honestly believe there are a bunch of copy-cat artists out there who want people to think that stikman's creator has been to their town. Who that really is, still remains a mystery.

If you have seen a stikman in Northern Colorado, send us picture!

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