Join us at The Boot Grill in Loveland on Monday, October 23rd to see a special acoustic performance by recording artist Risa Binder!  This show is 100% FREE, and while you’re listening, enjoy Coors for just $2 bucks. It all starts at 5:30pm!

Check out Risa's new song “You Haul“, which you’ll hear at New from Nashville on October 23rd!

K99 proudly presents the live concert series, “New from Nashville!” Everyone knows that if you want to make a name for yourself on the country music scene, then Nashville is the place to be. Now we are bringing Nashville a little closer to home by inviting up and coming country music artists right here to Northern Colorado. To make things even better, all of these appearances will be 100 percent free to the public!

We’ll see you at the Boot Grill in Loveland on October 23rd starting at 5:30!

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