We’ve all pulled a prank or two before – whether it’s covering the toilet seat with saran wrap or TP-ing a house. And though this particular prank is hilarious, it’s pretty bizarre.

Residents of a street in Liverpool woke up last Friday morning to find various adult toys on the hoods of cars parked in the street. [See pictures here.]

Throughout the weekend, the toys could be seen littering street gutters and gardens.

“On Friday morning I left the house about 8 a.m. to go to work and I saw them all on the road,” said one resident. There was a giant one on the [hood] of the car and when my wife left the house there was one on her car as well and there were a few on the [neighbors'] too. … I have two little kids and they thought it was absolutely priceless. They were very excited about telling people in school what they had woken up to.”

Resident’s aren’t sure who pulled the prank, but they suspect it could have been returning university students.

What’s the craziest prank you’ve pulled or had pulled on you?

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