It was so nice spending a few months as if things were getting back to normal, wasn't it? Well, it's not normal anymore.

The fatigue is very real for hospital staff here in Northern Colorado that are right back in the thick of the pandemic. The Delta variant of Covid-19 is proving to be very contagious and affecting people worse and people younger.

Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith, a known conservative and Republican, posted a Facebook message over the weekend that had hundreds of people praising his words for those that are not vaccinated and a few wanting to know where their sheriff was "getting his information?" Umm, Larimer County has a very up-to-date website dashboard with all that info.

Smith said, "if you’ve questioned the efficacy of these vaccines or if you didn’t consider the vaccine to be as critical to you because you were middle-aged or younger, now may be the time to reconsider that decision as this variant is demonstrating much more of an impact on you than the earlier variant."

This statement comes as the ICU beds are filling up in Northern Colorado. The latest information on the Larimer County Covid-19 Dashboard showed the ICU Census % Utilization at 95%. This includes ICU beds at both Banner and UCHealth.  The dashboard also shows that only about 58% of Larimer County is fully vaccinated.

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