No, it's not just you - it really is hot. 

In recent days, record-breaking temperatures have been recorded in Colorado and all around the country - the craziest part is, it isn't even *officially* summer yet.

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On Monday night (June 13), the National Weather Service shared temperature data recorded that day, which shows that Denver, Fort Collins, and Greeley each broke previously recorded, record-high temps:

While Denver and Fort Collins broke record-highs by hitting the upper 90s on Monday, the city of Greeley met its previous record of 102 degrees - which was recorded back in 2006 - with the same temperature on Monday (June 13).

Two Northern Colorado Cities Break Record For Earliest 100-Degree Day

Last weekend, both Loveland and Fort Collins, CO recorded triple-digit temps, officially hitting 100 degrees on Saturday (June 11).

According to the Loveland Reporter-Herald, weather data for the City of Loveland dates back to 1989; the earliest date the city had hit 100 degrees in those 33 years was just recorded last year, on Wednesday, June 16, 2021.

Getty Images/Tetra images RF
Getty Images/Tetra images RF

This year, Loveland reached that temperature a full five days earlier, officially dethroning its own record from the year prior.

Heat records for the City of Fort Collins date all the way back to 1893; the 100-degree mark that the city officially reached over the weekend also broke a record, beating out the previous earliest recorded 100-degree day, which was recorded in 2006.

No Quit In This Heat (Well, Maybe A Little Bit)

After days of *arguably* unbearable heat, we'll feel a little bit of weather relief here in Northern Colorado... but it won't last long.

According to the National Weather Service, Tuesday's high will only reach 83 degrees with an ongoing breeze and some wind throughout the day; Wednesday's forecast is said to bring similar temperatures to Northern Colorado with an anticipated high of 86 degrees and sunny skies.

Getty Images
Getty Images

However, once Thursday (June 16) rolls around, we'll be getting some of the heat back, with an anticipated temperature high of 93 degrees; and by Friday, we'll be trailing to triple-digit temps once again.

If last weekend and these next few days are any sign of what we're in for weather-wise this summer here in Colorado... well, I just hope you have a working air conditioner.

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