Well, this is something you don't see every day. A bighorn sheep somehow managed to get stuck on the roof of a home in Boulder, Colorado. Colorado Parks and Wildlife posted the photos to Twitter on December 7, 2023, with the caption "This is not the type of caller you want to hear on your roof during December".

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers hoped the ram would somehow find its way off the roof, which it eventually did. However, the bighorn sheep didn't make it too far, only to the upper deck at the Boulder home.

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The bighorn sheep remained on the deck for approximately a day and a half before Colorado Parks and Wildlife intervened and assisted the ram in escaping suburbia. Officers cut a portion of the deck railing to provide an exit for the bighorn sheep.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife documented the ram saga on Twitter and explained why the bighorn sheep may have been on the roof of a Boulder, Colorado, home.

Sheep are weird, especially during mating season

Was an actual quote from a Colorado Parks and Wildlife Biologist.

Of course, Twitter users have to chime in on the ordeal:

He's just in town flexing on the behalf of CSU.

Said @PlineyThe

This is the type of clatter I wan to hear on my roof always

Said @Zatchay

These guys are getting pretty cocky about their top 15 basketball team

Said @JWP303

Here are some of the many photos of the ram on the roof in Boulder from Colorado Parks and Wildlife:

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