Another prom weekend and another cause to step up DUI saturation in Larimer County. Studies have linked teen drinking to 60 percent of teenage driving deaths, six percent of all prom going teens will drink on prom night and an astounding 90 percent would drive drunk after prom.


In a press release issued earlier today, the Larimer County Sheriff's Office has announced that they will increase patrols throughout Larimer County this weekend. The Sheriff's Office is stating that weekend prom activity is behind the increased patrols as an effort to deter underage drinking.The warning against drunk driving also extends to driving under the influence of drugs, such as Marijuana, even if its legal an arrest can be made stating that driving under the influence of drugs is just as dangerous as driving drunk.

CDOT has recorded as many, if not more than, 26 thousand DUI's each year 150 alcohol-related traffic crashes resulting in death. Drug impaired driving deaths are at about 16 percent of all fatalities.

There are many factors that can affect your BAC, blood alcohol concentration, including, but not limited to weight, sex, emotional state of mind and how much you've eaten. For example a woman could face legal problems after drinking only 2 drinks and the BAC limits for those under the age of 21 are significantly lower. For a 21 and older person the law sits at .08 percent, for those under 21 it's .02 percent.









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