Ticketmaster has some tips to get a leg-up on everyone else trying to get Garth Brooks tickets when they go on sale Friday.

1. Make a Ticketmaster account in advance of the on sale date.

2. Sign in Ahead of Time and store your billing info so you can make the process quick and easy.

3. Keep your financial information up to date. That way you avoid getting all the way to check-out and getting stuck.

4. Don't try and buy tickets while connected to a shared WIFI network. A shared network slows everything down when time is of the essence.

5. Get the Ticketmaster app. If you can't get on a personal WIFI network, get the Ticketmaster APP and use that data. You only live once.

6. Use two different devices to buy tickets. Two fans are better than one. Grab a buddy, and double your chances of scoring those tickets.

7. Keep checking back if you didn't get tickets on the initial sale. Most big events will release tickets anywhere from one week up to a few hours before the show.

I've been down the stressful road of buying "in demand" tickets this way. I can tell you from recent experience that if you do all these things, you will have a considerably better chance at getting these tickets than other people.

Get registered and ready by going to Ticketmaster.com

Good Luck!

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