Luke is why not?!

Luke Combs is coming to Denver at Empower Field at Mile High in May and we are more than just over the moon excited, we are thrilled because not only are we excited for the show, we're even more excited to give you an opportunity to go with all of these free tickets we're giving away.

It's a beautiful thing because Luke was kind enough to plan it out where the show will fall on the night before my birthday so...birthday shots!

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While tickets officially go on sale this Friday November 19th, if you are a "Bootlegger" (member of the Luke Combs fan club) you'll have even better access to some seats but with all of that being said, we want you to win your tickets from us so you don't have to pay anything for the the tickets.

We shared in our excitement by asking you in our "Question of the Day" on Monday as to what your favorite Luke Combs song was and you responded with some classics and even some deeper cuts that hopefully he'll play during the show as well.

We will be giving away tickets every morning this week (Nov 15-19).

Let's go over some of NoCo's favorite Luke Combs songs and have like a mini "pre Luke Combs concert" to get us fired up even more for the show on May 21.

Let's start with our favorites...


Maxx started things off with one that I wasn't really familiar with but really like, it's "Houston, We Got A Problem".

YouTube/Luke Combs


Mine was a little (or a lot) more familiar but it's my jam..."Beer Never Broke My Heart"

YouTube/ Luke Combs


I always seem to forget about this one but I don't know why because it's such a damn good song. We got several votes for "Beautiful Crazy"

YouTube/Luke Combs


The ballad "Better Together" made it on the list of NoCo's favorite Luke Combs songs and I'm sure the phone lights will be lighting up Empower Field when this one comes on...

YouTube/Country Kickup


Here's one that I absolutely love and it got lots of votes for both on our Facebook poll and with listeners calling into the studio..."Doin' This"...

YouTube/Luke Combs


Always loved this song. Luke brings the passion to all of his music but when the hook hits on this one, you really feel it...."She Got The Best Of Me"

We had some folks digging in the deeper cuts for a few of these and I love that. "Moon Over Mexico" is a fabulous song and am glad this made the list...

YouTube/Luke Combs


This was brought up by several listeners on the phone and some co workers in our building..."Hurricane"

YouTube/ Luke Combs


And last but certainly not least, I'm surprised it didn't get more votes but you can't have a Luke Combs list without this banger..."Lovin On You".

YouTube/Luke Combs



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