After changing hands in ownership, a gorgeous Colorado island is now set to open to the public.

According to, the scenic, 10-acre island is located in the middle of Lake San Cristobal, which is Colorado's second-largest natural lake. Surrounded by the San Juan Mountains, the island has picturesque views every direction you look.

A long bridge connects a series of smaller islands to Lake San Cristobal Island, but there has always been a gate with 'no trespassing' signs to keep people out.

However, the land was listed for sale earlier this year, which prompted locals to take action towards making Lake San Cristobal Island accessible to the public.

In order to cover the cost, Hinsdale County Commissioner Kristie Borchers and other locals partnered with the Trust for Public Land to obtain a $1.3 million grant from Great Outdoors Colorado. Friends of Lake San Cristobal held a fundraising event to cover the remaining 10% of the island's cost. The team is set to close on the property next week.

County officials plan to decide next year how to further develop the island. While the goal is to have a minimal impact, they do plan to allow some recreation on the island. There have already been talks of a small amphitheater along with picnic tables, restrooms, and walking paths. Officials are also envisioning offering kayak and paddleboard rentals.

The island is already protected under a conservation easement.

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