This weekend, a new policy will begin at Windsor's Power2Play, according to owner Michael Peterson and a report by The Coloradoan.

Instead of the traditional post-game handshake line, players will now shake before each game in a "good luck line" to promote sportsmanship.

Steve Dortch, director of the Fort Collins-based Rocky Mountain Fever youth basketball program, told the Coloradoan that he has seen post-game altercations in the handshake line at tournaments across the country.

A college-basketball game on Tuesday night had police intervention when a fight broke out during the post-game handshake ritual, according to the Coloradoan.

“Out of all the leagues and tournaments our teams play in, Power2Play does a better job than anybody of trying to manage the whole sportsmanship piece," Dortch told the Coloradoan.

Peterson knows the new policy will be criticized but said the initial response has been generally supportive.

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