The legend of Bigfoot existing in Colorado has been a rumor that has gone on for hundreds of years, and one man in the state continues to try to prove that it's real.

The Youtube channel Colorado Bigfoot continues to post new footage on a weekly basis of what they believe prove that the creature does live in the state. Sometimes it's what he believes is a Bigfoot house, Bigfoot prints, or the actual ability of capturing the creature on live footage.

I had the chance to look at this Youtube channel today, and here is some of the footage that has been uploaded in the past month.


  • 1

    Bigfoot Drive By

    With this footage, they are asking you to specifically look at :11 and :22 in. Watch closely. Do you notice Bigfoot in this video?

  • 2

    Baby Bigfoot Hideout

    Footprints...and a house. All captured in this video apparently. Does this give you the proof you need that the creature exists in Colorado? This footage was published on October 13th.

  • 3

    Million Dollar Offer

    Wait a minute --- a million dollar offer for sasquatch graves? This video was published on October 9th.

  • 4

    White Sasquatch

    Do you notice the white sasquatch in this video? Hmmm...

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