One of the most common complaints I hear is how overcrowded Colorado is. 

Many implants are indeed coming to Colorado. However, the Centennial State is one of many states dealing with this issue across the country.

I understand that hearing this may not bring you comfort, but it is important to note that many states are also grappling with similar issues.

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World Population Review looked at the U.S. Census Bureau results and analyzed what states had the most and least population growth. Here is what we discovered.

Colorado Is Growing Extremely Fast

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According to the World Population Review, Colorado is the 6th fastest growing state in the country. Colorado's population increased 19.25% since 2010. 

Right now, Colorado is the 37th most populated state and is the 8th biggest state when it comes to land size. 

Nearly 6 million people live in Colorado, and experts predict that Colorado will continue to grow. 

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Colorado Is Not The Only State Growing At A High Rate

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As I mentioned earlier, Colorado's population growth is only the 6th highest in the nation. What states were in the top 5?

  • #5 - Nevada
  • #4 - North Dakota
  • #3 - Texas
  • #2 - Idaho
  • #1 - Utah

Yes, More People Are Going to Utah Than Colorado

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Since 2010, Utah's population has jumped 23.88%. Utah has become a popular destination because of the job market and affordability. 

Colorado is one of many states dealing with rapid population growth. While this can be a source of stress for some residents, it is important to remember that many other states are facing similar challenges.

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