By the end of November, this widely-popular breakfast joint will open its sixth location just over 600 miles away from its first. 

It might be worth the road-trip or flight to check out the brand-new Denver Biscuit Company when they open their latest location in -- Kansas City.

According to Paste Magazine, DBC dates back to 2009 when its founder had a bar and pizza joint on Colfax, and got into the food truck craze with the Denver Biscuit Bus.  After that took off, they expanded the bar to included breakfast. Next thing you know, Denver Biscuit Company is now one of the most popular places around.

They have the Colfax location, along with four others in Colorado: On Tennyson, on South Broadway, in Colorado Springs, and at the Stanley Marketplace.

DBC's founder is from Florida. Maybe he's trying to make his way back there with this Kansas City location, slated to open on November 18, 2019.

This new location sounds like it will be part of some new super-trendy place like Stanley Marketplace is. They'll be bringing Atomic Cowboy (bar) and Fat Sully's (pizza) and their newer ice-cream place 'Frozen Gold' along too.

Get more on the expansion from the Kansas City Star HERE.

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