Visiting one of Colorado's many landmarks is always a spectacular time which is why some of them are the most popular in the nation.

Aqua Expeditions, a recognized global leader in luxury small-ship expeditions, recently polled Americans and asked which of the nation's landmarks they would most like to visit, and not surprisingly Colorado landmarks appeared multiple times.

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Unbelievably These States Outranked Colorado

It wouldn't be fair if every gorgeous landmark was located in Colorado, but if we're being honest the state does boast quite a few. Surprisingly Colorado only ranked #13 in the U.S. for having the most popular landmarks.

The number #1 state listed is Hawaii, which is completely understandable. However, somehow states such as Missouri, Maryland, and Kentucky also outranked Colorado.

"Nowadays, travelers are searching for more meaningful experiences in which they can witness and learn first-hand about a destination's biodiversity and cultural heritage, as well as gain a broader perspective of the world around them" – Francesco Galli Zugaro, CEO & Founder of Aqua Expeditions.

Colorado Is Literally Picturesque

We've all heard someone say that something is even more beautiful in person and that saying is a perfect explanation of Colorado's landmarks.

Colorado's landmarks have been photographed numerous times, but without physically visiting these popular attractions, you'll never truly understand the magnitude of their beauty.

Numerous songs, poems, and paintings have been inspired by Colorado's natural features, but you'll have to take our word that seeing, truly is believing.

Keep scrolling to see the top-ranked natural landmarks in Colorado: 

5 of the Most Popular Natural Landmarks in Colorado

From sea to shining sea, here are some of the most popular natural landmarks in Colorado and the country according to a poll by Aqua Expeditions.

New Names Given to 28 Offensively Named Places in Colorado

Previously named landmarks in Colorado that were disparaging and racist now have new names:

Scroll Through the Top Tourist Locations Throughout Colorado

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