Law enforcement has evicted the tenants of a home that has been the source of many police calls in the Derby Hill neighborhood located on the 300 block of Frederick Drive on Monday.

The Reporter-Herald reports the home has been frequently visited by the Loveland Police Department, and the address is named daily in the call logs.

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Nearby residents say the original owner of the home invited a man who is allegedly a convicted murderer from the state of Illinois to come live with him last March. Since the arrival of the new tenant in the neighborhood, things quickly went downhill. Shortly after the man came to live in the home, he took over and invited another man, who is an alleged sex offender to come and live at the home. More people came to visit the home and eventually, the homeowner was forced out.

Neighbors in the community have been concerned about the manufacturing and selling of drugs on the property. Unfamiliar vehicles, some with no license plates, and people started frequenting the home at all hours of the night. Needles and drug paraphernalia have been found throughout the neighborhood.

On January 30, Nicholas Mango allegedly stabbed a man in the neck on the property over a drug debt according to Loveland Police. Nicholas Mango is facing charges of attempted second-degree murder, first-degree assault, and possession of a weapon by a previous offender. Mango will be making another appearance in court on March 22.

The Derby Hill community has since banded together for a neighborhood watch since the stabbing occurred. Neighbors in the community are optimistic that their neighborhood can return back to normal soon.

The home is now under the control of a trustee.

Source: Reporter-Herald

All suspects are innocent until proven guilty. A criminal charge is merely an allegation by law enforcement.

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