The Denver Broncos were embarrassed last year in the Super Bowl as you may have heard. The one word that keeps coming up when talking about the Broncos in that game is "toughness." Whether or not it was to prove a point about toughness to the rest of the team or he was just sticking up for a friend and teammate, Peyton Manning is showing that this team won't be pushed around this season. 

The incident I am talking about comes from the Broncos third preseason game against the Houston Texans on August 23rd. During the game, Texans safety D.J. Swearinger put a brutal hit Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker, causing him to suffer a concussion. After the injury, Manning threw a touchdown pass to Emmanuel Sanders in the second quarter. While running to the end zone to celebrate, Manning got in Swearinger's face and was flagged for taunting.

The Broncos lost 15 yards on the field because of the penalty, but Manning just lost over eight thousand dollars from his wallet because of it. $8,268 to be exact.

When asked about the fine, Peyton told ESPN's Chris Mortensen "I accept the fine. It's money well spent."

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