Will knowing that paranormal investigators were at a restaurant in Downtown Loveland dissuade you from going?  Or, maybe, it'll get excited to go and check them out!

It sounds like strange things have been seen and heard at Cactus Grille!

Cactus Grille
Dave Jensen, TSM

A team from 970 Paranormal was at Cactus Grille on 4th Street in Downtown Loveland on Sunday night (May 6, 2018) to conduct an investigation. The restaurant closed early that day so that they could get it done. That's a big deal!

The findings of the investigation aren't known yet, but it sounds like Cactus Grille had more than a few good reasons to call on an investigation- Apparently, they've caught on camera chairs moving and bowls being thrown off shelves. Also-- the sound of a little girl laughing. Here come the willies...

From their Facebook page, it sounds like 970 Paranormal did pick up some audio - they're not saying exactly what, yet.

Recently, I was there around lunchtime to take on their MOAB Challenge. The only thing scary that day was the size of that burrito!

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