Here's some news that will leave you feeling peachy keen.

According to The Colorado Peach Company, Palisade peaches are expected to arrive in Northern Colorado as soon as late July.

The company stated that they hope to be fully-stocked for most of the summer, but since the peach supply is lower this year, don't wait once you see the popular peach stand pop up.

The peaches might be a little pricier this year, depending on how much the Palisade orchards charge. However, the company is not increasing their markups on the fruit.

Due to COVID-19, social distancing will be expected at the peach stand, and samples will likely not be available.

The low peach supply also means that the company won't be delivering nationwide, or accepting pre-season orders this year.

However, the company is offering home delivery to Fort Collins residents through NoCo Nosh, and you'll be able order online for a same-day peach pickup.

Sounds like this July is going to be a real peach.

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