We're here to honor Northern Colorado teachers and let them know how much they're loved-- that's why we do Teacher Tuesday every week!

You can get your teacher nominated here.

This week's Teacher Tuesday got $50 to the Melting Pot, a bouquet of flowers from Earle's Flowers and Gifts, a year's worth of pizza from Old Chicago, and commemorative video from Star Painter Productions. 

Congratulations to Paige Donovan at Cache La Poudre Elementary School in Laporte. Mrs. Donovan was nominated by Monica Rowell, whose son Torry is in her class and enjoys it to the fullest.

Monica says, "Mrs. Donovan has made an incredible difference in Torry's life this year. We switched schools this year and Mrs. Donavan has been welcoming, accepting and has gone above and beyond to make Torry feel valued as part of her classroom community. Torry had a hard time the previous year; he did not connect with his teacher or peers and cried himself to sleep many nights with anxiety about school. He is a different kid this year! Mrs. Donovan had the power to make or break his experience this year and we are so thankful for how she teaches and influences our son. She has a wonderful laugh and a calm demeanor that sets her students and their parents at ease. When I volunteer in her class, the students (there are 29!) are relaxed and enjoying themselves. You can tell that they get their calm and kind energy from Mrs. Donovan. The time our children spend in their teacher's classrooms is incredibly influential as that teacher often has more time with our kids than we do. And while I am concerned about academics and can tell our son is learning A LOT, I am equally concerned that he is feeling valued as a person. It is evident at home and in other social settings that Torry is more confident, calm and kind as a result of Mrs. Donovan's skilled teaching! We hope you will consider honoring Mrs. Donovan for the very hard work she does everyday teaching the 2nd Graders at CLPE!

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