It was one year ago today (January 25, 2017) that I rolled my truck on my way to work.  It was about 3:45 a.m. I was driving southbound on I-25 just North of the Windsor exit. I hit a patch of ice and then woke up in an ambulance.

The first thing I remember, I asked the EMT, "Where am I"? He told me I had been in an accident and we were on the way to the hospital. He said, "Do you know who you are"? I said, "Yes, do you know who I am"? He said "Actually I do". I then told him he better call my wife because she is going to be upset. Jenny answered the phone like this, "How bad is it"? She knew something was wrong because I never ever call at that time in the morning. He told her I was talking and we were on our way to MCR. The bad part is that she had to drive past the accident on her way to the hospital.

I ended up with a concussion, a broken bone in my neck, stitches in my hand, two black eyes, and my right ear was nearly ripped off my head. I am doing very well now. I had to wear a neck brace for 3 months and went through some physical rehab. My ear has grown back. It is just a little crooked. I still get a stiff neck, but I really am so fortunate to be alive.

That night I had a visit in the hospital from the Colorado State Patrol officer who responded to the scene. When he came in my hospital room I asked if he needed to ask me more questions. He said, "No. When I came upon your truck, I thought it was a fatality. I just wanted to make sure you were o.k."  It still makes me tear up when I think about it.

I was supposed to go to the Colorado Farm Show that day. I didn't make it. I also didn't make it to the Habajeeba Show, which was a couple days later. I owe a big thank you to all of the 1st responders and everyone at Medical Center of the Rockies and everyone who came to visit me in the hospital, brought me food, and drove me to work for a couple months. I am truly blessed.

Bottom line: I am alive and doing well. Here are a few pics of my truck after the accident.


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