A California breeder brought a Pitbull to be euthanized the day it was born 1.5 years ago.

The pup since renamed Baxter was born with a split hand deformity that's known as lobster claw or ectrodactyly.

Fortunately, Baxter wasn't put down but instead put into foster care in Fort Collins through Big Bones Canine Rescue. Foster parents the Hartke family failed at fostering — formally adopting Baxter as their own after falling in love with the Pitbull.

Baxter uses a wheel chair and goes through regular physical therapy. He's a regular at Fort Collins dog parks and is now in the process of being certified as a therapy dog. You can follow his journey on his own personal Instagram page.

Baxter was also voted NoCo's Cutest Dog of 2020 in the latest Townsquare Media My Dog Rox competition.

Baxter won a $700 prize pack — $500 in goodies from Poudre Pet & Feed Supply and a $200 gift card from Four Seasons Veterinary Specialists

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PHOTOS: Baxter, NoCo's Cutest Dog

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