Some might say an overflow of beer is a good thing but in this case, it's causing one Northern Colorado brewery to issue a recall.

According to 9NEWS, Longmont brewery Left Hand Brewing issued a recall of bottled Milk Stout Nitro after foreign brewing yeast caused some beer to overflow on the shelves.

"Unfortunately, a foreign brewing yeast, which looks just like our own yeast, came into contact with our house ale yeast and impacted the gas in our bottles for specific periods of time and under certain conditions," they wrote on their website.

Left Hand says it eliminated its current house yeast, sanitized equipment, and implemented new practices in addition to the recall. This also means Milk Stout Nitro will not be sold for at least 6 weeks.

Recalled bottles have best by dates of 10/16/16 to 2/28/17, as well as those included in their Mountain Mixers with codes 130B and 242A.

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