A new saloon will soon become the latest addition to the downtown Loveland bar scene.

You might be familiar with Cactus Grille and/or Wicked Tequila Room, both of which are establishments in Downtown Loveland owned by Chrissy French.

French has worked and owned businesses in the Sweetheart City for nearly 30 years; for years, she's felt that downtown Loveland was missing something. That something? A good ol' Honky-Tonk.

So, she's decided to take matters into her own hands.

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Expected to open in early March, the Tom Davis Saloon is gearing up to bring a "lively country place" to the southeast corner of Fifth Street and Cleveland Avenue in downtown Loveland.

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French says that cold beers, delicious cocktails, fun games, live music, and a large dance floor are all to be expected at the saloon.

French says that she's been working on this honky-tonk concept since 2019, after feeling like something like missing from the downtown Loveland bar scene.

“I started thinking Loveland was hungry for this bar scene and I thought the only thing downtown Loveland doesn’t have and needs is a good old-fashioned honkey-tonk,” French told the Loveland Reporter-Herald. 

The Story Behind The Tom Davis Saloon

As a serial business owner herself, Chrissy French knows firsthand just how much work goes into building and maintaining a successful establishment - much like the ones she's already opened in Northern Colorado.

However, choosing a name for the saloon was arguably the easiest part of the process:

According to a post on the saloon's Facebook page that was written by French, Tom Davis was an old friend of both Chrissy and her husband, Josh.

Davis, French said, quickly became like part of the family, even helping French fund the opening of a business nearly a decade ago, back in 2013.

Sadly, Davis died in 2019 at the age of 64 after suffering a blood clot following a heart attack; having had such a huge impact on her life, French was determined to make sure that Davis' legacy continued to live on - so she's chosen to name her latest business venture after Davis, and is modeling much of the interior of the saloon based off the things that he loved most in life.

"It is a tribute to him, to his life, and to everything he meant to us. In Tom’s life, he was a Boss, a son, a friend, a father, a brother, a mechanic, a jeep builder, a trucker, a drag racer, a blue-collar worker, a wheeler, and so much more... This is for everyone that lost him that day and has had to live without him ever since."

The Tom Davis Saloon is expected to open to the public on Friday, March 4, with bands already scheduled to play at the bar.

For more information about the Tom Davis Saloon, visit the bar's website or official Facebook page. 

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