Fort Collins' thriving food scene is about to expand (even more) with a super cool pop-up brunch and dinner concept in late August, giving up-and-coming chefs an opportunity to showcase their talent and passion for the culinary arts.

Brick + Mortar, a collaboration between The Welsh Rabbit Cheese Shop and Bistro owners, a local food journalist, and a group of up-and-coming chefs, baristas, and bartenders in our community, will pop up on Sundays beginning on August 28 from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. at the Welsh Rabbit Bistro, 200 Walnut Street.

This first month at Brick + Mortar features local chef, Cameron Trezoglou, who has spent time working in New York restaurants as well as Fort Collins establishments Choice City Butcher & Deli, CopperMuse Distillery, The Farmhouse, Jax Fish House, and The Shire Food Truck. He now operates events through Travelers Catering and his own pop-up Sunchoke Fine Dining. Trezoglou seeks to answer the question, What does Fort Collins taste like? At Brick + Mortar, he'll create a globally-inspired menu with locally-sourced ingredients in an attempt to determine the answer.

Out of all the new restaurants in town, this concept is one I'm actually super excited about. It gives us a chance to try something new without giving us the ability to take it for granted like we do for so many amazing restaurants that have unfortunately shut down operations. (Rest in peace, Pablo's Pizza.)

If you'd like to try out Brick + Mortar, you'll need to purchase tickets. Keep in mind, there's a limited number of tickets they're selling. Go HERE to get them for the August 28 pop-up brunch/dinner.

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