I'm always amazed at the playgrounds and play places that are available for kids, which I think is awesome. But, at the same time, I'm a little jealous because I remember the basic and "death traps" known as playgrounds growing up as an 80's kid that we played on back in the day.

Times change, things change, and that's often a good thing, especially when it comes to kids having a fun and safe place to get wiggles out, create some fantastic memories and, oh yeah, HAVE FUN!

There is a new spot that is now open in the Denver area, Lakewood to be exact, that looks incredibly fun and awesome. So much so, I want to hit some of slides myself. Although, I'm sure that will be frowned upon, but I can live vicariously through my son watching him enjoy this place.

Slick City Action Park, the world’s first indoor slide - with no water - and Sports Court Park designed for all ages. Sweet, so it sounds like grown ups can play too!



YouTube/Slick City Action Park


This place looks awesome with stuff for kids of all ages including a giant family slide that everyone can ride down together. They will also have various price ranges depending on how long you want your visit to be and how old your kids are.

There are special toddler packages that are a little cheaper since they can't do everything in the facility and, as a parent, that is such a nice option to have.

In addition to that, Slick City looks to be a blast for parties, group functions, hosting fundraising events, and more.

Can't wait to bring my 7-year-old and check it out and I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty fired up to go have some fun myself.

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