There are a few new laws passed that Coloradoan's Should know about. These laws will take effect in our state this week.

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Here are a few that you should know about:

Protections for good Samaritans and hot cars

This new law will allows citizens to break the window of a car to rescue a pet or a child that is inside the vehicle. According to KDVR, “The proper protocol is  to look around for the owner of the dog, to once they break the window, call authorities,” said Maia Brusseau with the Dumb Friends League. “And they must feel the  animal is in imminent dangers of death before they break the window “

Anyone who breaks a vehicle window must stay with the animal or child and call the police.


Mandatory jail time for DUI felony convictions

If someone is convicted of a felony DUI to serve 90-180 days in jail if a judge decides to give the offender probation per the new law. Additionally, if the offender is sentenced to work release, they will have to serve 120 up to 2 years in jail.


Convicted felony stalkers and domestic violence offenders will not be allowed bail

Anyone convicted of a felony stalking charge or habitual domestic violence offenders will be held without bail until sentencing.

Switchblades are now legal

A ban on the knife has been in place since 1963. They will now be legal in the state of Colorado.

Source: KDVR

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