What could go better with a new CSU stadium, than a new beer? A beer that harkens back to CSU’s heritage, as well! Go State! Go Aggies! Go New Belgium!

Old Aggie Superior Lager
Courtesy: New Belgium

Over 100 of New Belgium Brewing Company’s employees are Colorado State University alumni, so it’s no surprise that they’d want to collaborate on a new beer with them. Old Aggie Superior Lager will be available in Fort Collins on July 1, 2017; the rest of the Front Range will be able to get it August 15, 2017. It will not be available anywhere outside of Colorado. Go State!

Old Aggie is a sessionable lager, according to New Belgium’s brewer. It sounds tasty. CSU was established in 1870 as an agricultural college, hence they were called the ‘Aggies.’ Each season the CSU Athletics teams have games where they wear the old orange and green colors from back then. Those colors are also a part of the logo/design of ‘Old Aggie.’

New Belgium recently helped CSU with $1M to renovate their Fermentation Science and Technology program and kicked in $4M towards the construction of ‘The Porch’ at the new on-campus stadium. On August 26, 2017, as the Rams take on Oregon State in the first game played at the on-campus stadium, everything will be new; but they’ll be serving up some history as well.

Get full details on 'Old Aggie Superior Lager' HERE!

Twitter went a little nuts with the announcement of ‘Old Aggie’



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