Brian Gary interviews Joanna Smith

We had a visit from RCA Recording Artist Joanna Smith yesterday at K99. What an amazing performer and the voice of an angel!  She has an infectious joy and passion for her music. She made the hairs on my arm stand up on end.  Joanna performed for us in the K99 Basement or as we call it now, "The Country Bunker". We have pictures and videos and more videos to share with you.

Brian Gary even interviewed Joanna while she was here.

This is Joanna performing her new single "We Can't Be Friends" in the Country Bunker.

Here is the official video of "We Can't Be Friends".

The videos are courtesy of YouTube. I snapped some pictures of Joanna on my iPhone during her visit.

Finally, Brian's interview with Joanna Smith. I think you will agree she is delightful.

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